Brow Shape & Tint

Superlative Beauty

  • $40.00

Brow mapping, brow wax, tweezing and noemi tint matched to your preferred brow colour.

If you can arrive with no makeup on. First we wash and clean the brows and use a gentle exfoliant to remove and dead skin. This creates a flawless finish. We consult you as to your brow goals, pick a desired colour from the Noemi swatches, then we get to work. First we map the brows taking into account your brow goals, then we remove any unwanted hairs using hot wax which is perfect for sensitive skin, we then tweeze any extra unwanted hairs to create your desired shape. Then we stamp the brow with our brushed to perfect the shape and tint. Once the tint has done it’s magic we remove the tint, brush the brows and apply Brow Code gel. Voila = beautiful brows! 

Time 45 minutes

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