Elleeplex Hyaluronic Boost Serum

Elleeplex Hyaluronic Boost Serum

Superlative Beauty

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Rediscover the beauty of your lashes and brows with Elleeplex Hyaluronic Boost Serum – your go-to solution for maintaining and enhancing their natural allure. Embrace revitalized, strengthened, and luscious eyelashes and eyebrows, radiating confidence and timeless elegance with every flutter.

Introducing Elleeplex Hyaluronic Boost Serum, a meticulously crafted solution born from the aspiration to revitalize and hydrate eyelashes and eyebrows. This advanced restorative lash and brow lift daily aftercare is thoughtfully designed to deliver molecular-level volume and elasticity, promoting vibrant and healthy hair growth. Through its unique formulation, Elleeplex Hyaluronic Boost Serum fosters the formation of disulphide cross-linkages, restoring collagen and enhancing the inner hair structure, while effectively penetrating the cuticle to strengthen, elasticize, and invigorate for glossy, strong, and lustrous lash and brow growth.

This powerful serum boasts a diverse range of carefully selected innovative ingredients, expertly addressing lash and brow hair concerns and providing exceptional post-lamination hair health and care. Salons can confidently rely on Elleeplex Hyaluronic Boost Serum as a trusted aftercare treatment for their clients and as a recommended product for at-home maintenance.

The cutting-edge blend of peptides, Sodium Hyaluronate, vitamins, and plant extracts within Elleeplex Hyaluronic Boost Serum works synergistically to offer instant volume, radiant shine, and optimal strength, ensuring lashes and brows maintain their health after a brow lifting service. The result? Lush, hydrated, and rejuvenated eyelashes and eyebrows that exude natural beauty.

Key Features:

Vegan and Cruelty-Free:  This serum aligns with ethical principles, making it a responsible and compassionate choice.

Ophthalmologically Tested:  Ensuring safety and compatibility for use around the sensitive eye area.

pH Optimized:  Falling between 5 – 6 on the pH scale, this serum maintains the ideal balance for effective performance.

Highly Concentrated Provitamin B5 (Panthenol):  Enriched with follicle-binding properties, it seals in moisture and nourishment.

Sodium Hyaluronate:  Enhancing moisture absorption, it reduces frizz for a smoother appearance.

Vitamin E (tocopheryl acetate):  Adds shine and combats dryness, providing relief after brow lamination.

Kakadu Plus (Terminalia Ferdinandiana Plant Extract): Boosts elastin and restores gloss, while safeguarding hair from environmental stressors.

Innovative Blend of Peptides and Amino Acids:  Acting as vital cell-signalling agents, they support protein production crucial for hair growth.

Wheat, Soy, and Corn Micro Proteins:  Effectively restore the inner structure of hair, fortifying and improving overall health.

Sunflower Seed Oil:  Restores the protective layer of hair fibers, imparting a healthy shine.

Made in Italy, Designed in Australia: A fusion of European craftsmanship and Australian innovation ensures premium quality.

Shelf Life: Must be used within 3 months after opening for optimal effectiveness.

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